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Harvesting mushrooms and berries for drying is actively carried out in the summer and at the very beginning of autumn. This allows us to provide vitamin products for the whole winter, which is long and cold in our country.

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Using our designer, you get:
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  • applications for mail
  • CRM system
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If you are engaged in this craft for sale, then having your own website will help you actively trade, establish relationships with customers even from regions far from your place of residence. Creating a website for dried mushrooms will not be difficult, we suggest using the templates for selling pages created in the Tobiz constructor.


Making a dried mushroom site based on such a template is not particularly difficult. After all, the template already has a selling structure, the necessary sections in order for the business to go up.

You can complete the creation of the site of dried mushrooms in a few days by displaying up-to-date information, posting photos of your products, describing in detail where you pick berries or mushrooms. It is important that the buyer sees the environmental friendliness of the collected plants, berries, mushrooms.

A dried mushroom site template can be yours. Based on it, you will create a site in a short period of time and with your own hands. If you have any difficulties, then our staff will always help you.

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