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Apartment repair website template is a ready-made template of a one-page online site. On the current site builder, you can create your own website yourself using templates. Creating a site using templates takes from 5 to 10 minutes.​

If you want to create a site for the decoration of apartments, then this site template is ideal for you. On our site builder, you can find a whole catalog of site templates, among them there are a lot of templates for the construction business. Ready-made apartment repair sites will greatly simplify your work and save you money and time.

Using our designer, you get:
  • hosting
  • applications for mail
  • CRM system
  • integration services
  • built-in A/B testing
  • the connectivity of the domain

This site template was created by the designer together with a copywriter of our company. To make the landing page for apartment renovation perfect, read the recommendations on creating a site.

Creation of a site for the decoration of apartments

How to create your own site on the designer of one-page sites. Install the repair site template, just change the text and pictures, and the site is ready.

What you should pay attention to when creating a landing page for apartment renovation. The most important element of such a landing is cases, results of work, before and after. It is desirable to upload as many of these results to the site as possible. Moreover, it is important that the photos are of high quality. Preferably no more than 2000 pixels, because In this case, the site will open for a long time.

It is also very important to write a selling text on your website, learn more about this from our articles. In this case, trust in your site, and the desire to order repair of your premises will be inclined to your company. Despite the fact that you created the site using the landing page template for apartment renovation, do not neglect this rule. This will significantly save your money at the advertising stage.

Be sure to link the domain to your site. Learn more about how to do this from our article How to connect a domain to a site. Do not forget to register and link Yandex metrics to your site, in the future this will greatly reduce the cost of advertising on your site.

How to properly advertise this site, the most budgetary and easiest way to advertise such a site is to set up Yandex.Direct for your site. The minimum start amount for such advertising is 350 rubles. If you correctly configure Yandex.Direct and create a good apartment repair site, then on average you will get about 3-4 clients for this money.

After the launch of Yandex.Direct, you will need to conduct an advertising campaign in Yandex, for at least another two months. After that, this tool will start working on the machine.

And so, if you use our website repair apartment template, and all our recommendations, then very soon you will receive your first customers via the Internet.

Ready-made website decoration template

Many people want to create an online site without registering. In our case, it is not necessary to fill out the registration, just go through the usual social pages. Website development was simplified to 2-3 mouse clicks.

To create an apartment repair site you need:

  1. Set pattern.
  2. Edit text and pictures, it is possible to upload video.
  3. Save the site, and run ads.
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