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In many European cities, bicycles are becoming the main form of transport for citizens. This is understandable. This is an environmentally friendly transport, which is also beneficial for health. Citizens are massively transplanted onto bicycles, which frees roads from traffic jams and makes the air of cities cleaner.

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A similar trend is observed in our country. Therefore, the number of rental organizations that offer to rent various bicycles, including electric ones, is growing.

Such organizations are simply obligated to create a bicycle rental site to notify everyone interested in their activities. An excellent solution would be to create a bike rental site on the platform of the finished template.

In our Tobiz constructor, you will see well-designed landing page templates for websites of various subjects. The bike rental website template is well thought out, has attractive looks, and is generally almost ready to go.

To make a bicycle rental website from a template, you only need to supplement it with information selling texts, photos, conditions and rental prices. To interest cycling enthusiasts, post more photos. Then give a name to the new site and animate it with traffic.