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After its purchase money for the template are non-refundable.

The website template for floristry courses is a one-page website developed by our specialists, on the basis of which you can create your own site, even without any programming and web design knowledge. This template is simple and very convenient to work with. This task is so understandable that everyone can "solve" it - even those users who are just starting to work in this direction. At the same time, your site will not be just another landing page, of which there are millions on the network. You will receive a stylish website adapted for mobile versions (your customers will be able to view it both from a smartphone and from a tablet).

Using our designer, you get:
  • hosting
  • applications for mail
  • CRM system
  • integration services
  • built-in A/B testing
  • the connectivity of the domain

How to create a website for floristry courses

And now let's take a look at how to make a site for floristry courses. It's simple, you don’t need to invent anything on your own - we did most of it ourselves. All that is required of you is:

  • set the template;
  • edit it (put your photos, texts, payment terms, etc.);
  • attach a domain name and configure contextual advertising.

That's all! A simple set of actions, just a few hours - and your site. Run it to work. After all, creating a website for floristic courses will bring you many benefits. This is expanding the boundaries of the business, and increasing the number of customers, and PR of your company. Build your sites with us and become more successful.

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