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Libraries remain a popular and popular institution, despite the fact that various modern gadgets that allow you to install and read literature in electronic form have entered everyday life. But for schoolchildren, students, just lovers of a paper book, libraries are irreplaceable.

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To remain in demand among people of all ages, each library will need its own website. Creating a library site will help to popularize the institution among people of all ages, attracting new readers.

Many libraries cannot afford serious budget expenditures, and therefore refrain from building their site. But this is a mistake. Today, you can make a library website almost free and fast, without losing quality. Use ready-made landing page templates. The library site template is waiting for you to become a full-fledged one-page site.

Put on it the most detailed information about the library, its book wealth, place the catalog of publications, subscription conditions, working hours. Everything readers need to know. And soon the site will begin to attract additional visitors to the library.

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