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CTP insurance in the presence of a car is simply necessary. Now many companies offer services to obtain policies of this type. Since recent times, they can be obtained in electronic form. If your company is involved in the design of CTP insurance policies, you need to create a landing page for CTP insurance. The site will help you attract more potential customers.

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  • CRM system
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  • built-in A/B testing
  • the connectivity of the domain

The Tobiz service has a lot of landing page templates, taking which as a basis you can create your site quickly, without difficulty and on your own. All templates already have a ready-made structure that you can leave unchanged or add your vision to the site by adding other blocks or deleting existing ones.

Set the landing page design template for the CTP insurance and change its content. Describe the activities of your company, change the contact information, describe the services provided by your company, etc. The process of creating a landing page for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance will not take you much time, and the site will be unique. Due to the fact that you will create a site yourself, it will turn out exactly the way you want to see it. You yourself will be both a programmer and a designer. After you have made a landing page for the mandatory car insurance, save your site, attach a domain to it and set up an advertising campaign.

Date of publication: 22-02-2017       717