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Yandex Metrica it is a service that allows you to track the work of the site - its traffic, the behavior of visitors to the site etc. Yandex Metrica is need for those who want to understand how their site functions. So, it helps with website analytics online. And with promo of your website.

How to connect Yandex Metrica to the site

  • After logging in on the website click the "Add counter" button.
  • Fill in the fields:
  1. Site name,
  2. Site address (for example,,
  3. Put a tick in front of "I accept the conditions ....".
  • Click the "Continue" button.

website analytics

  • In the “Counter Code” tab, check the “Webvisor” box.
  • Click “Save”.

website analytics

  • In the “Goals” tab, click “Add a goal” and name it as you want.
  • Select the “Event” condition and write down the Target ID (for example, TARGET, the word must consist of at least four letters and written in Latin)
  • Click "Add". Being in the "Goals" tab
  • Click “Save”.

website analytics

  • Then go to the "General" tab.
  • And copy the number of the counter.

website analytics

website analytics

  • Click save, then Yandex Metric is connected, and the target is already running.
  • Congratulations! Yo have independently connected Yandex metrics to your site. It's good for your website analytics.

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