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Date of publication: 24-09-2015       6571

Favicon it is a site icon. It is mini logo of your site. As a rule, it is a small image - no more than 16x16 pixels. But, despite its small size, this icon can mean a lot to the site owner. In this article we will tell how to install a favicon and why they are needed.

Favicon: what is it

Users need favicon for faster and easier to find the desired site in the bookmarks. Agree, to see a bright picture is much more convenient than reading the name of each page. Thus, the emblem of the site will make your resource more visible and, therefore, its attendance will be increase. Moreover, mini logo will make your website more unique and recognizable.

From all this the conclusion follows: the logo should be bright, colorful and memorable. After all, if it will be interesting the users will remember it. And you will have greater chances that people will choose your site again. But in this regard, a you can ask: where I can get this favicon? There are several ways:

  1. You can create your own logo for the site using the generator.
  2. You can download ready favicon.
  3. Or you can make your own icon using Photoshop.

Next, we will explain how to make a miniature logo on your website.

Ana you can read in detail about how to install the logo on the site, you can in this article.

favicon generator

How to make a favicon for the site with favicon generator

There are several ways to create, as we have said. We will talk about the most convenient - how to create a favicon for a site on a free service. If you want to do this, you can use either of the two sites: pr-cy.ru and www.favicon.by

You can make a website favicon at the both sites. For example, consider the first site.

  1. Go to the service pr-cy.ru
  2. Draw a favicon yourself or select photo you need.
  3. Download it to the service.
  4. Go to "Projects".
  5. Click "Project settings".
  6. Select a file and upload it.
  7. Everything is ready. Enjoy the result.

As for the second site, it is simple too.

  1. Go to www.favicon.by
  2. Here you can immediately see the field for drawing the icon - here you can draw it. Or you can upload the picture you need. And after that you should click "Import."
  3. Then picture will be transformed, and you will be able to see how it will look in the original. At this page you can find the button "Download". By clicking on it, you can get your own logo.

Congratulation! Your favicon is ready

If you want to download ready favicon, then the following resources can help you:

  1. First: www.audit4web.ru - this is one of the largest galleries where icons are stored. And there is an instruction how to download pictures. Also the downloaded image here you can edit.
  2. Second: www.favicon.cc - here you can also find and download the icon on the site. But viewing of pictures is limited at this site: you can view no more than 20 images in a time.
  3. And the last resource: www.iconj.com - it is also rich library of icons with a generator.
However, remember: favicon is indexed in search engines for 5-7 weeks. Be patient!

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