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One page website - It is a site, which consist in one page and located at one URL. If your goal is to promote a single product or service, you should create website yourself. We offer you to see a ready-made video instruction that will allow you to create free website at these constructor.

How to create free landing page:

  1. Click the "Create a landing page" button.
  2. Choose one ready-made template.
  3. Than you can edit your future landing page as like as you need.
  4. After that you can adjust it: change the pictures, text, symbols and other elements.
  5. When you finished it, click "Preview" on the left of the page.
  6. Save it.

Your landing page is ready.

So, following this instruction, you can see, that create website free it is not such a difficult task. You can do it yourself for 10-15 minutes.

Creating a one page site from scratch

As you understood from the video, creating your own landing page it is a fairly simple process.

And now we will write the technical instructions for creating a landing page. If you want to make it qualitatively, it is not enough to make. We should speak about two important points, these are: technical issues and the selling structure.

Step 1. Technical issues of creating a landing page

  • After creating the page you need to connect the domain name. It should be convenient and understandable for users.
  • After setting the domain name, you should to connect Yandex Metric and the goals of Yandex Metrics.
  • After that, you need to make a favicon. It can to improve the appearance of the site in search results.
  • Make sure you also register your SEO settings. SEO settings are important for faster search of your site in search engines.
  • Next you need to add your site to Yandex Webmaster.
  • And finally, make sure that the requests from the page you created come to your desired mail.
After you complete each step, you can create a landing page for free. We introduced you to the process of creating a landing page. We also recommend you think about online advertising for your site. It is also important for website promotion on the Internet.

Step 2. How to grow trust for your site

You need to make sure, that clients are trust for your site. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it. But trust directly affects the business.

Let's look what factors are affect this:

1. Good layout for site. We tried to provide all possible layouts - it can help you to make yor own site stylish & full. But we cannot influence for some elements.

  • You need to align text in all blocks. Your texts should be clear and written correctly.
  • If it possible, use one font - Arial, because the fonts may be differently displayed in different browsers.
  • Your site should be user-friendly, beautifully designed and uniform in their structure.

2. Site design. We recommend you to use a white background on the site, not coloured. Try not to use noises, styles and colors for background. Your site should not be like a coloring. Also, do not need to change the color of the text. Do it standard. It will be better for your site.

Also, we have prepared a detailed video, about what can inspire confidence for users on your site. You can see it. You can learn more by reading the article - how to design a website.

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