How to create a multipage website

Date of publication: 02-02-2016       20409

Surely you thought about how to create a multipage site without HTML knowledges, programming and design. In this article we will talk about this technology. And for example, we will try to create free website, using the onepage website template of wholesale meat trade.

Let's start

Step 1. Determine, what sections will be on your site.

  • Main page, About us, Catalog, Contacts.
  • We create the home page of the site.
  • Add a navigation block "Site Menu".
  • Save the blocks.

Step 2. Create version 2 in our website.

  • Go to the Projects page and click "copy presentation".
  • When you will copy a page, you should remove the check mark copying - participates in the rotation. We do not need this presentation to be shown.
If you have not done it, close the view of the site.
  • Then we make a page "About us" of our site.
  • Save the project.
  • Repeat the previous steps.
  • We create pages "Catalog" and "Contacts".
  • We do everything by analogy with the previous steps.

Step 3. Create a site menu

  • Go to the editor of the first presentation, click on the menu. Insert links to different views of our site in the menu block. To get the correct links, you need to click as shown in orange selection.
  • For example, in the second tab "About us", you need to insert, but for correct work we do not insert the first part of the link. Remains it: ?V = 20870
  1. Insert into the third tab by analogy: ?V = 20871
  2. To the fourth - ?V = 20872
  3. To the first - ?V = 20824

The first page of the site is ready.

  • Exactly the same actions, we repeat on the first, second and third submission.
  • If you did everything correctly, you’ve got a multi-page site.
  • You need to check the menu to make sure everything is correctly.
Do not forget to press save buttons between logging out!

How to create a multipage site

Step 4. Making SEO of our website - improving the appearance of links. Next, we will analyze the next stage of site configuration.

  • We need improv the appearance of the site structure to make it easier to navigate it. Go to the Projects page. Then go to the "Project Settings".

multipage site

  • Put a tick "Use pages instead of A-B testing."

onepage website

After this, the pages will look like this:

onepage website template

Agree, it became so much more convenient!

  • After that we set up links to our site. For the link to be beautiful and well optimized, we will use the tool - Yandex Translite online. Here we insert the name of the page in Russian, and translate into English translit. For example: About our company

onepage website template

We received: o-nashej-kompanii

  • And now this name you need to be inserted into the settings. To do this, go to the Projects page.

free website

free website

Click on the dot and select the first editor.

  • In the opened window paste in the field: URL of the page and save it.

free website

And like this we need to do with each page. And now we have beautiful clear links to the site pages.

  • And the last stage: we write the Title, description, keywords on each page by analogy with the instruction - the SEO for the landing page.

Step 5. For simplify our work, we need to create a single menu. It will greatly simplify the work, especially if you have a multipage site of 40 or more pages.

  • Open Projects.
  • On the main page, select "Edit".
  • There we add a "menu". It will be at the bottom of the page. For convenience, move it up.
  • And then you can choose the color and background.
  • Then we leave the same items in this header or rename it to the ones you need. In our case, they are Home, Company and Delivery.
  • Save it and check if everything worked out correctly.
  • And now the menu will be only on the main page.
At the past, you had to write all the same on every page. And, if there was a need to change something in the menu, then it was necessary to make it in each editor. But now everything has become easier.
  • Open editable pages.
  • In the settings menu in the main section appeared ID. Copy it.
  • In the editing of the remaining pages add the "Unit link" and raise it up where the site is located. In the settings, insert the ID of the section.
  • And we perform this procedure on every page.
  • Save and check.

Congratulations! You made a multi-page website with onepage website!

You can see an example of a business card site that you can do on the designer yourself.

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