How to make a choice of the city on the website

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The possibility of expanding the sphere of influence is very important for developing business projects. Small businesses can develop both within a single city or region, as well as in several regions. The easiest way fot it - is doing the site at our constructor.

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There are many websites of trading companies that worked in several regions were created at the TOBIZ designer. If you are interested in information about how to make a choice of a city at the site, or maybe a region, this article will be useful to you. It describes in detail the possibilities of the designer in this direction.

If you work in several cities of your region for site, it is important for you to make a choice of a city on the site. For this it will be enough to create the site page, designating it as "Contacts" and add the "Side menu of the site" from the block library as number 112 and register a new section in the site menu.

Placing this menu, you can enter the names of cities in rows with standard items such as: "Why we", "Our achievements", "Reviews" and others. After creating the menu, you can start creating a page for the cities themselves.

For optimize the site according to the standards of SEO promotion, you must write articles for each page of the site. Each article should contain key queries that customers will enter when searching for information.

Key queries of different popularity can be found in Yandex.Wordstat.
This source allows you to select keywords for texts.

Paste your text at the page. Use the most suitable block in the "Content" section of the side menu for it. Here you can specify:

  • branch address information;
  • phone number;
  • place a button with a feedback form;
  • a map with a designated location, etc.

Thus, you will need to create pages of all cities that you want to cover. Be sure to list SEO settings in each new page.

Created pages must be connected with the menu you created.

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If your offices or issuing points are located in different cities and regions, then you must first add a side menu with regions to the contact page (especially if you want to mark several cities in these regions). Knowing how to make a choice of the city on the site, you can set the choice between regions.

You just need to connect the side menu with the section "Contacts" from the menu in the header of the site city. Go to the editor in the main page, click on the menu for it. And in the side menu add a contact page through the chain sign.

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