How to make a mobile version of the site

Date of publication: 08-08-2018       2865

Sites created for business need to be designed in such a way that absolutely all information presented on the pages is aimed to attracting new users and converting them into potential customers. If you need it, you should write an intriguing headlines and effective calls to action for users.

When user opened the link with the site, at first he gets on the first screen (this is part of the page before the first scrolling). It means that all of interesting things should be here. That is, here it is worthwhile to place everything that intrigues the user and makes him stay on your resource.

mobile version of the site

One of these "delaying factors" it is the presence of a mobile version of the site. The most of the population uses gadgets every day, many people make orders using a mobile device, as it is very convenient - you can order a product or pay for the service on the road or even being in a supermarket line.

If you want to have a mobile version site created on the constructor, you need to switch to the VIP tariff.

Attention! This function is available to those users who have switched to the VIP tariff. Further connection will occur automatically.

So, right now you now everything about building mobile version of site. But if you have any questions you can ask about it at the our tech support.

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