How to set effective advertising Yandex.Direct

Date of publication: 22-04-2015       10891

Advertising in Yandex is the most effective tool for website promote, because here you can cover your target audience that is interested in your product or service. In this article we will tell how to configure Yandex Director.

How to configure effective Yandex Ads

In order to start using the Yandex Direct service, you need to register your e-mail with this company. We think, it will not be difficult. Once you have your mailbox, you can proceed to setting up contextual website advertising. For a more professional setting of the advertising campaign, we recommend you to use the Autodirect5 service.

Open the main page of the Yandex search engine and click on the "Direct" link.

After that operation, the main menu of the Yandex Direct service will appear on your computer screen. Here you have to go through the "Run ads" button.

Then you will have to create a campaign and create ads. After that, go to the service, which will help you set up advertising in Yandex Direct. Choose a key requests. All the keywords you have collected earlier will also be needed here.

For example: buy kitchens

  • Fill negative keywords. They can be collected yorself by Wordstat or you can use the minus phrases that the service provides. We write a link to the site and select the region you need. If you work throughout Russia, then tick the corresponding box. And if you work in a particular area or city in Russia, then choose them.
  • Fill in the lines with the text of your ads. Here you can come up with your own texts or use the template, which provides the service and correct for their proposals.
  • Set the price per click. Here you will see the price, which you will pay for each link following the link. How to set up the clicks, we will discussed below.
  • Fill in the virtual business card and quick links. This will make your ads more informative.

We launch the formation of campaigns by the button "Create an advertising campaign". This can take from a few seconds to a few minutes. It's depending on the volume of ads.

Then you load the resulting campaign on Yandex Direct. It may consist of several parts. After that you will have to go directly to Yandex Direct. Your campaign is on moderation. You pay and your ads on the site begins to appear in Yandex. You will have to pay for each transition set by you click price. Yandex Direct is successfully configured.

How to configure clicks in the Yandex Direct

Adjusting the price per click, do not forget that the lower price, the less and lower the list will show your ads. In the first positions will always be displayed more paid ads of competitors. Therefore, you can experiment with bets. Setting the daily limit will also be an important point, otherwise you will not even notice how the balance goes to zero.

The minimum cost of a click on Yandex Direct is 0.3 rubles for the transition. And the bidding step is 10 kopecks, that is, if you bet, for example, 3.09 rubles, then the rate will be considered as 3 rubles. Autodirect recommends setting a price of 7 rubles for advertising campaigns. But, of course, this does not mean that you cannot place a lower bid.

website advertising

If you want to put prices manually, you should monitor the amounts carefully . If the amount exceeds 300 rubles, the service will show it in a pale red color. And if was entered an incorrect price, it will be red and will not saved. Upon finish of the settings you need to save the page.

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