What is SSL certificate

Date of publication: 06-09-2018       1975

SSL is decrypted as a secure protocol for transferring data from site and browser. In simple words, when somebody filling out forms on your site, third-party programs will not be able to steal this data. Let's talk about the reasons why you should to install an SSL certificate website.

SSL certificates appeared a few years ago. And at fist time they were put mainly on the sites of banks. It was very cool, if you get SSL certificate. Because the presence of this certificate in the eyes of users adds status to the site and causes more trust among visitors. Yes, to tell the truth SSL is costs quite a significant amount. But after installing it, your site will have http. And it will look like this icon in the address line of the browser:

get ssl certificate

Another reason to put SSL is the position level in Google. At the beginning of 2017, this search engine announced that having an SSL certificate at the site automatically increases the chances of being higher in issuance than your competitors. And this is very good.

If you are promoting your website through SEO, connect an SSL certificate. We noticed this while promoting our site.

For example:

certificate ssl check

The first line is indexing in Yandex, the the second is in Google.

And the last reason to put SSL is the “scary” message that appears in Google Chrome, which tell for users, that the resource is not protected. But this browser, according to statistics, is used by 92% of users.

website ssl certificate

After installing the certificate such an inscription will disappear.

How to install SSL certificate on the site

Now we will tell you, how to install the certificate on the site. And what does that even mean.

At first time when we put a certificate on the site, it was paid. To study this issue and install the certificate yourself, we had to spend about three working days. And although it was difficult, stressful and hard, but we could manage. And it was our victory.

What we offer for all our users:

  • You do not have to pay for the certificate, it will be conditionally free.
  • You do not have to pay to check ssl certificate the correctness of its settings and for the installation of this certificate at the site.
  • We have a completely ready solution for this.
For connecting the certificate to the site you need to complete several steps:
  • Go to tariff VIP.
  • Log in to your account and go to the project settings.
  • Click the "Connect domain" button.
    get ssl certificate
  • And put a tick "Use HTTPS". However, it is possible to use this service only from the VIP tariff and higher.

Then wait few minutes - and the certificate will connect to your site. As you see, it is very simple and convenient. After you complete all the steps above, your site will look like this:

ssl certificate

So, today we talked about an SSL certificate. We learned that it is a necessary thing that will allow your resource to become more status for visitors, and it's presence will cause more trust among network users. And they will safely click on your link in a search engine.

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