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To create a site with our designer, you will find the biggest opportunities. Here is a rich list that the website Builder Tobiz.
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Block intuitive designer will allow you to change any element on the landing page yourself, whether it be text, image or video. Block designer involves changing the location and structure of the elements of landing. If necessary, you can create your own site structure, programmers, and designers. Thus, you will easily know how to create a landing page on our service.

To create a website

Web design
Modern templates – Each design template created by professional designers. Our templates are designed using latest technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
Mobile version of the site – All templates include styles for the mobile version of the site what is the content of your site will equally look good on any device.
Library fonts – Tobiz contains hundreds of fonts from Google libraries, they can be easily used without additional manipulation in the code of the website.
Background video – Add dynamic video to the background of the site instead of images, it will be appreciated by all visitors.
Pre-designed layouts – Create a website using ready-made templates. You can easily add blocks such as: Contacts, Products, Forms, Reviews, and others.
Responsive images – Tobiz automatically scales the image to any size and screen resolution.
Animation interaction – Easily add animated blocks and items.
Parallax – Create a stunning effect displacement of the blocks with parallax backgrounds website.
Custom forms – – Our forms include all the necessary elements. Plus they are easily integrated with MailChimp and Google Forms.
The drop-down menu – Add multilevel menu navigation of your website.
Tabs – Block with tabs offers you an easy and elegant way to build a navigation compactly displaying the contents of the tabs.
Sliders and carousels – Embed into your website great carousel of images, text blocks and more.
Light boxes – Display your images, graphics and videos in immersive full-screen lightbox.
Gallery – You can add galleries anywhere on your website. The gallery gives you a dozen variations of display images, including slideshow, slider, tile and others.
Card products – Post your products and services on the website with the possibility of ordering by end users.
Interactive maps – Easily embed maps from Google and Yandex to your website by using block Maps.
Button – Add a call to action on every page of your website. You can change the text, color and shape of buttons.
Reviews – Feedback your customers allows you to obtain the loyalty of new visitors.
The countdown – Motivate your website visitors to a purchase or other action with restrict the supply in time.
Block icons – Make text blocks with icons from a huge library of toBiz or upload your images.

Creating a landing Page

Finished design of each landing page laid out in advance, so with 95% probability, user can not create ugly landing or ruin the design. Pictures that require high quality, can be taken from the free library pictures designer (1450 different sectoral background images).

To understand how well the website is able to sell helps to find out indicators such as conversion, which is automatically calculated on your website. To constantly improve conversion rates, you can conduct A/b testing. As part of the constructor is another free opportunity that will help to increase your sales using a landing page.

Once you have decided to create a landing page, you'll need Analytics tools. In our designer you can easily:

  • connect your Yandex. Metrica;
  • set goals orders;
  • upload website to Yandex Webmaster;
  • change SEO settings for landing page;
  • upload a favicon of the site.

Тalso the designer have the ability to integrate TOBIZ.NET and third-party services to help maximize the success of sales of Your companies. Using API designer (link available only for registered users) or using ready-made solutions.

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