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On our service you'll be able to create your own web project with a calculator on any subject and of any level of complexity.


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If your company provides any services or sells products that involve counting value, website creation calculator becomes a necessity. Because in this way customers will be able to calculate the amount you will need to pay. And thus they will not make unnecessary calls or write messages and letters. This is not only convenient for the customers and clients, but also greatly saves working time of your employees. If you want to create a similar web site, our designer will help you with this.

Designer free calculators for your site

On our service you can create web projects with a calculator on any subject. This simple and easy tool will allow you to save time on customer calls. And by site visitors and potential customers will help to quickly calculate the cost of goods, product or services and quickly make an order. We have taken care of everything so you can build your own project from scratch and made for you:
Separation of templates into thematic blocks
Most of the layouts — free
The mobile version is activated automatically
Intuitive editor
The HTML editor
Access to social networks
Online payment
Widgets and scripts
Add all what you want
Galleries, videos, custom pages and forms, cards, or calendars — structure your website the way you want.

To create a website

The accordion
Gallery videos
Image gallery
The code editor
Third-party services
Text editor
Background image
The site looks beautiful from the very beginning
Our team of designers have created dozens of units for all needs. In each block initially laid the harmonious proportions of the elements and nice typography.

How to build a website calculator

Template selection
Decide on the theme of creating your web project. And then register for our service and choose any of your theme template. Click on the "Install template" and it will be uploaded to your account TOBIZ.
Edit the layout
Once the template opens, try to change its contents. You can change everything: the number and content of lines, the image, the shape and color of buttons, text, and fonts, and more that you would like to add to your website.
Connection domain
When you are done filling the page, don't forget to save all changes. And all — in fact, the site is ready. You will only need to connect the domain and you can start to promote the project online.

Create website business card

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Sale of trucks and wheelchairs.
Emergency veterinarian services.
Course on attracting clients to your business with the Internet.
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Customer reviews of work TOBIZ
Anastasia Malyutina
The owner of a furniture website
About the designer TOBIZ we found out by accident. Yandex saw the advertisement. Looked platform — all liked. The rates are very favorable, tech support answers, even at night, everything is simple and clear. But the most important is templates of sites with calculators. This is what we needed. In General, we are very happy! All suggest.
Dmitry Krygin
Director of the company for the installation of Windows
Great service! When we started looking for a platform to build your web site, I understand: the main thing is to add the calculator, and then just create a separate page with it. And we are pleased TOBIZ — we can make a calculator for the site. And didn't waste any money or "tons" of time. Convenient! Choose, you will never regret.
Andrew Swietochowski
The owner of the restaurant
When our clients began to ask about the service, build the pizza, we grabbed her head. Because the orders began to pour in, and we didn't have time to process them. And decided to create a website calculator. And found designer TOBIZ. And we are just a couple of evenings did the website calculator, domain and tied now with requests to deal out a problem!
Marina Starostina
The owner of the taxi service
If you're a beginner in creating web sites, as I do, then I can safely recommend TOBIZ! It is simple, understandable and affordable designer. Here we made a website with a calculator. Now the customers themselves can calculate the cost of their trip. It is very convenient! We like.
Use Tobiz sped up my workflow. Thanks for the great work you have done. I can't wait for new updates. This is the best site Builder I've ever met.
Support and knowledge base
Detailed courses
Knowledge base Tobiz includes full courses, answer your questions about the initial promotion of the website and how to attract users to your website.
Answers to frequently asked questions
Documentation our service includes practical suggestions for working with the designer. Also, you can always ask your question technical support.
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Как видим, чтобы создать на нашем сервисе собственный веб проект с калькулятором, вам не нужно быть программистом или профессиональным веб дизайнером. Вы все можете собрать сами. И при этом не потратите на создание страницы много времени. Буквально один вечер — и все готово! При этом вы также в любое время можете менять свой сайт так, как вам необходимо — добавлять новые блоки, менять картинки, шрифты и все, что потребуется. Но если у вас возникнут какие-либо вопросы, вы можете написать нашим сотрудникам в техподдержку. Мы всегда на связи и готовы вам ответить!

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