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Create your own blog with your own hands without the knowledge of programming in a comfortable designer blogs.

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You can make a website blog without serious knowledge
programming and web development.

Lately, your blogs have covered population. Basically it is like young people, but the audience can be found among the adult population. Because by creating a blog site to promote their products and services, as well as to share their knowledge and skills. You can go to our designer to create a blog absolutely free by yourself from scratch.
Add all what you want
Galleries, videos, custom pages and forms, cards, or calendars — structure your website the way you want.

To create a website blog

The accordion
Gallery videos
Image gallery
The code editor
Third-party services
Text editor
Background image
The site looks beautiful from the very beginning
Our team of designers have created dozens of units for all needs. In each block initially laid the harmonious proportions of the elements and nice typography.

How to create your blog online for free

Select the template
Click "create site" after you register and select any template. Also can build the blog yourself. On the main page place the "news" block to add a new article there.
Experiment with the design
For a blog with articles on designer blogs there are special ready-made template. At any time you can change it under your format. Don't be afraid to use your imagination when creating your blog and change the format to attract visitors.
Post article
Make your site multi-page and use master page. On each new page post and don't forget to bind them together. Don't forget to save and view the result.
Start a blog with the push of a button.

To create a website blog

Features designer blogs

A large number of templates can be found on free designer blogs. To create a blog website for free, you can choose any of the structure of the template and use it as the basis of your blog. Try it for yourself!
A large number of templates, for convenience, divided into themes.
Free templates
The mobile version is activated automatically
A fairly simple editor
Html editor code
Access to social networks
Online payment
Widgets and scripts
Take a look at the sites of our users
Sespel ' Finance
Sale of trucks and wheelchairs.
Emergency veterinarian services.
Course on attracting clients to your business with the Internet.
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Feedback from our customers
Kim Bubnov
Aspiring journalist
Cool designer! I tried many designers, but all were overloaded or complex. No problem create blog free.And what you do — so well done all! Continue to develop and implement the wishes of customers, and everything will be great!
Kirill Popov
A food blogger
Thanks to the team TOBIZ.NET for affordable and quality designer to create blogs. Use in the spring of 2016 - only positive impressions! The developers are not resting on our laurels and constantly improve designer blogging sites by adding new tools.
Alex Sorokopud
Coach infobiznes
I have long liked the service Tubes. But I was afraid I wouldn't be able to attach the domain BY (I'm in Belarus). Contacted the support, and I very quickly helped. Now create blogging sites on tubes. I am especially glad that it became possible to attach the Videophone.
Use toBiz sped up my workflow. Thanks for the great work you have done. I can't wait for new updates. This is the best site Builder I've ever met.
Support and knowledge base
Detailed courses
Knowledge base toBiz includes full courses, answer your questions about the initial promotion of the website and how to attract users to your website.
Answers to frequently asked questions
Documentation our service includes practical suggestions for working with the designer. Also, you can always ask your question technical support.
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