Examples of landing page

On this page you can get acquainted with examples of your landing page, collected by our designer. Here you can find examples of sites with high conversion, as done by our programmers, and users of the service who are not familiar with web design.

We specifically laid out in open access data examples of websites — to allow you to not just see what web pages can do on our platform by templates landing page . It will also help to consider and examine inside examples cool landing pages. And on this basis, it is possible to make a web site.

On this page of the designer presented as examples of beautiful landing pages, and examples of sites of business cards, but there are also great examples of sites that can be called the reference. After all, the web resources, which you can see here — it's labor resources that have excellent conversion rate and where the number of visitors and customers is growing regularly.

The website of Tsvetana Safronova about clothes
An example of a landing page with a high conversion rate - As style of dress affects a woman's life.
Website card driver
Manufacturer of driver cards in the tachograph in the Moscow region of 14 days. The website is designed in calm white tones
The website of men's suits
The company sells men's suits luxury apartments. Presents a new catalog with the costumes
A website grade of the school №91
Website created for class 2B of school number 91. The site has class schedules, training materials and much more
The website of the company Геом21
This company is engaged in drilling wells throughout the Chuvash Republic. On the website there are examples of works performed and services
Web site ARTIDES Studio
An example of a site Studio commercial design. Integrated solutions for successful business.
Website wedding marriage registration
An example of a marketing site field of registration of the wedding in Astrakhan, turnkey
Website selling iphone accessories
An example of a modern website iphone accessories selling across the Russian Federation.
Website iron plant in Cheboksary
Website for sale cast iron stoves for baths and saunas from the manufacturer
The website of the sanatorium "Aray Deluxe Thermal Resort"
An example of a site odnostranichnika sanatorium Aray Deluxe Thermal Resort in the town of Saryagash.
Dentistry Dent
Website private dental clinic dealing with dental treatment in Moscow. There are blue and white tones
Website sale gaming PC
This company is engaged in Assembly and sale of gaming machines. Page designed in a modern style
Website sale of car seats
At this company you can buy a car seat. The website is designed in modern and minimalist style
Club MMA
The website of the club martial arts MMA. It presents a variety of training, class schedules and photo gallery of the club
Website SEO specialist
Website private SEO specialist. Modern website design and correctly podobrannye colors inspire confidence
Services: wedding photography
The website of the private photographer for the wedding. The gentle tones on the website help to convey the atmosphere of joy and celebration
Write-off of debts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
The company BUSINESS Logic is writing off the debt of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Examples of sites

To explore the sample pages of the sites details, click on the image and open the page. And will be able to thoroughly examine each example of a single-page website, which are presented here. Why do we have these Internet resources? First, this is a great example of the development sites, which are not done by professional designers or programmers.

Most of these osadochnogo made by users of the service TOBIZ. And many of them started to create their own pages on the web without having even the slightest idea of programming. This suggests that our the landing page Builder is a convenient and intuitive platform to work with which all interested persons. Second, these examples websites, taken to show the capabilities of the service — open any landing page and see in detail the functionality of each of the presented resources.

Examples of landing page

Why as examples landing sites took the resources that consist of one page? This is true for several reasons:

  • in a short time you can see the work of several various platforms
  • as practice shows, such type of online resources are gaining more popularity
  • and most importantly — are examples of sites odnostranichnikov prove that to construct your own online page everyone can. And it does not need to be a great Pro!

Start working with the designer TOBIZ today — tomorrow it is even more target customers!

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