Examples of landing pages

On this page you can see examples of landing page made on our designer. You can find examples of landing page with high conversions made by our technicians and our service users. We deliberately put in the open access examples landingon that you could consider them as a reference and create a conversion page on their own.

Sale of trucks and wheelchairs
An example of a site the Internet of shop trucks and wheelchairs from the manufacturer Sespel ' in Russia and the CIS
A website landing page tattoos
A beautiful example of the website of tattoos and advice in Astrakhan
Website wedding marriage registration
An example of a marketing site field of registration of the wedding in Astrakhan, turnkey
Website selling iphone accessories
An example of a modern website iphone accessories selling across the Russian Federation.
The website for the sale of vegetables wholesale
An example of a wholesale website selling potatoes, onions, cabbage in Saratov
The website of a cleaning company Akvakhim
An example of a website for cleaning services, house cleaning and dry cleaning.
The website of the Agency certification Alfasert
An example of a simple site certification of goods and services throughout Russia.
An example of a legal site for liquidation of companies
An example of a single-page site for liquidation of companies in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.
Beautiful site recreation complex and a CPA
An example of a site services beauty center in Saint Petersburg.
Mobile rotary negociacao
An example of a website selling mobile rotary trailed negociacao from the manufacturer.
Wholesale website sale fabric VERDI
An example of the correct site for the sale of curtains for the whole of Russia wholesale with its production.
Website of salon of curtains VERDI
An example of an adaptive website the curtain shop with delivery across Russia. In-house production.
An example of the organization's website with the sale of goods
Example of a new company website, which sells acrylic gloves throughout Russia and the CIS
The website of the veterinary clinic Lapland
An example of a landing page Laplagne veterinary clinic in Nizhny Novgorod.
The website of the sanatorium "Aray Deluxe Thermal Resort"
An example of a site odnostranichnika sanatorium Aray Deluxe Thermal Resort in the town of Saryagash.
Website sales Lacouture
Example site sales of women's suits and coats Exalta wholesale throughout the Russian Federation.
Website odnoklasnik Team F5
An example of odnoekrannomu in terms of automation and CRM systems.
Site crews repair
An example of a site of repair of apartments, cottages and offices in Moscow.
An example of a site of handmade goods
An example of handmade tea houses that you can otdelenov before use.
Website for sales of concrete from the manufacturer
An example of a good site for the enterprise. Production, sale and delivery of concrete from the manufacturer.
The website of metal and manufacture of metal products
An example of the development of the site of metal at wholesale prices from the manufacturer.
Web site ARTIDES Studio
An example of a site Studio commercial design. Integrated solutions for successful business.
An example of Successful carpet
An example of a site selling carpets from the manufacturer with delivery across Russia.
Site Integragroup
Example of personal website private plumbing involved in installing and repairing plumbing.
Example web site for selling meat
Example web site for selling chilled and frozen meat in bulk.
The law firm ZONT
An example of a web site of legal services for the protection of debtors of banks and MFIs in Murmansk.
The website wholesale company, Outwood
An example of a site business card of the company, Outwood, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of lumber in Cheboksary.
Website construction equipment rental
An example of the website of the company, which is engaged in rentals of construction equipment.
The website of the sports complex DOBERMAN
Examples of the landing page for gym DOBERMAN. Diversified gyms in Ulyanovsk.
Shop swimwear
A good example of a landing page selling fashionable swimwear from Europe at competitive prices in Novosibirsk.
An example of a subscription page landing Tsvetana
The website for the marathon Tsvetana Safronova on formation of style of clothing the girls.
The website of Tsvetana Safronova about clothes
An example of a landing page with a high conversion rate - As style of dress affects a woman's life.
The website for the promotion of telephony
Examples of the landing page for the sale of telephony services. A good example of a modern promo website.
Beautiful site service center in Astrakhan
A beautiful example of the site service center with full functionality works.
Website services - Smart home
An example of a one-page online store selling Smart home system and components.
Website iron plant in Cheboksary
Website for sale cast iron stoves for baths and saunas from the manufacturer
One-page website to earn money
One-page website to earn in connection telephony and the Internet
Website sales Lacouture

On this page are examples of works that can be created by any novice website Creator on the designer, and selected the best one-page sites.

That is, the sites of ka can be inferred by the name, consists of only one page, but aimed at a whole range of functions:

  1. The sale of goods or services
  2. Building a base of subscribers
  3. Collect contact or survey information
  4. Attracting the attention of potential customers
  5. Improve conversions

They are called landing pages, sales sites, landing page (or landing page), the page capture.

Good examples of single page website is provided here. You can find them by clicking on the site layout. So you can see the design and visual complement to enhance conversions. And to begin with a quality website should not contain a lot of content on the homepage should be simple and easy to navigate, attracting animation.

And thanks to its simplicity and brevity, but also a good call-to-action and thoughtful menu make the best single page websites, which can then become a tool for increasing sales and attracting new customers.

It is therefore not necessary to be afraid to experiment. As shown here, the sites are a great indicator of this system.

Examples of landing page

Also in the examples of landing pages you can see the possibilities of our service, see the appearance, technical ability landingham, and all kinds of widgets and elements that affect their conversion.

On our designer, presents examples of single page websites with product catalogs, one-page online stores, examples of landing Page services and examples of wholesale websites examples of subscription and landing pages. Focusing on our examples of landing pages, you can use our designer, and create your own masterpiece that will bring you new clients.

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