The designer of single page websites is not just a designer single-page sites. It is primarily a tool aimed at creating a business on the Internet.

Designer odnostranichnikov was created July 16, 2014, the company Olaeff. From the moment it was released 3 versions of the constructor TOBIZ.NET. Today, using designer, you can make a one-page site for 15-20 minutes with your hands. This constructor was a continuation of the designer single page websites landingcity.

Designer odnostranichnikov

In 2016, the designer of odnostranichnikov released 220 ready-made templates for landing pages that you can use for free. The development of templates TOBIZ.NET worked 6 employees of the company. The company office is located in the city of Cheboksary.

Technical support designer single-page websites daily. Our team of 4 specialists in different areas. The more automated the service, the lower the rates, we are ready to offer our customers. Today, on our designer some of the cheapest tariffs in comparison with other designers odnostranichnikov - analogues.

The main goal of our company is to simplify the work with IT technologies, and give the average person the opportunity to make a landing page and marketing your company yourself. We adhere to the principle of win to win. We are doing a service that simplifies the life of a businessman, and the money earned on our designer, we invest in its development.

Technical support:

IP Aliev Vladimir A. OGRN: 314213016200017 INN SP: 212810656614

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